Product Information:
Manufacturing Capabilities: Skidded fluid and gas handling systems with integrated controls. PSC is 100% vertically integrated, so all aspects of systems are designed and produced in our Tampa facility.

Installation Capabilities: Field supervision and project management of Process Piping, & Skid Systems including controls.

FLEXX Discovery Information Sheet
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download Main Products: Standard offerings are: Process Water Systems, Waste Water Systems, Product Distribution / Process Skids for handling filtration systems, variety of chemical, gas delivery and purification systems. PSC is proud to partner with firms in specific business segments, in some cases our agreements may prevent us from building certain products that would be in conflict with other partners. Regardless of the product that we build, all efforts are supported by:

  • ExperienceCritical Industry knowledge in demanding market segments.
  • Sales and Design SupportDirect Sales and Design Resources to assist in capital equipment or systems orders.
  • Application EngineeringTo insure chemical, mechanical and electrical designs are appropriate for each application.
  • FacilitiesWorld Class fabrication facility, vertically integrated from building frames to class 1000 clean room assembly (if required).
  • Structural Fabrications – All frames are made in-house (which expedites orders).
  • Custom Controls – UL and cUL control panel designed and constructed in house. Building analog through complex PLC’s with data acquisition including remote monitoring features.
  • Pipe Joining Technologies – Include: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Automatic Orbital Welding, Polypro Socket & IR Butt Fusion, and Bead & Crevice Free PVDF.
  • Custom O&M ManualsAll systems ship with comprehensive O&M manuals, drawings, and material literature support designed to aid in continued service by your organization.PSC
  • Factory Acceptance Test – Fully operational and functional tests at our factory that can be witnessed by your firm and and/or your clients.
  • Validation Documents and ServicesDocumentation offered includes User Requirement Worksheet (URW), Functional Requirement Summary (FRS), Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ). Additional services include field execution of the validation protocol documents as well as annual qualification services.

    FLEXX Operation & Maintenance Manual
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    FLEXX Validation & Support Services
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  • Calibration ServicesInstrument and gauge calibration services either at our facility or at clients site.
  • Extended Warranty ProgramAll PSC fabricated equipment is eligible for an extended warranty that will bring greater value to the services you offer your client.
  • ISO Quality ProgramA quality program designed to deliver a quality product.PSC
  • Tooling: PSC performs 100% of structural (Plastics, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, & Stainless Steel), machining, piping, and electrical fabrication in house, effectively being 100% vertically integrated. Process piping equipment includes "off hand" and orbital welders, PVC glue and welding, Socket and IR Fusion Polypro, Socket, Socket / Butt Fusion & BCF PVDF joining machines. This is just a highlight of our fully facilitated manufacturing operation that is always available for client tours.

Waterjet Capabilities
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  • Prototype Capabilities: Due to our interests in automation throughout our fabrication efforts, we are involved in all prototype efforts with the only outside involvement being complex machining functions.
  • CAD / CAM Capabilities:  Yes, all management staff utilizes AutoCad.