PSCQuality Information:
Laboratory and Inspection Equipment:  High Pressure Test Cart, Mass Spec. Helium Leak Detectors, Video Boroscope, Various Critical Mechanical Measuring Devices, Electrical Measuring and Testing Devices, Moisture Analyzer, Oxygen Analyzer, Particle Counter. Instrument Calibration equipment for pressure, water quality, and flow applications.

Quality Control Employees: Two employees are dedicated to the quality of products and services; however each technician is ultimately responsible for quality throughout the project.

Plans for Continued Education: Every two weeks there is a mandatory training session at our facility for all employees.  The topics range from process technology, fabrication techniques, new product Information through Field Installation Procedures, always enforcing the safety aspect of every task.

Written Policies for QC Procedures: All QC procedures are in the form of "Standard Operating Procedure" (SOP).  These cover purchasing, incoming QC through final test and acceptance criteria. We have modeled our quality on ISO9000 standard, although we have not gone through a formal certification process.

QC Audits at Supplier Facilities: We perform an annual audit at each critical supplier’s facility.  All new suppliers are subject to an initial audit.

Incoming Material QC: All received material is inspected and a "Receiving Inspection Report" is completed. 10% of all received components are functionally tested for dynamic performance prior to installation.  All materials are tested once installed in a system.

Defective Material: If a product is found to be defective it is reported to the manufacturer immediately. The product is required to be shipped from our facility within 24 hours of notification, insuring that no defective devices remain in the facility.

Defective Material Analysis: We insist that the vendor issues this information one week after receipt of the defective component at their facility.

Corrective Action Procedure: Once the material analysis is received it becomes a determination for our Engineering staff whether this was an isolated incident or a potential problem that will require alternative component selection. This is all documented in a "Product Evaluation Report".

Lot Run Traceability: Yes

Rejection Rate: 5%        Return Goods: 5%

Raw Material Testing Equipment: Only for leak tests and visual examination, any destructive analysis is subcontracted.

Functional Test Equipment for Parts, Subassemblies and Assemblies: Every part, subassembly, and assembly is 100% functionally tested prior to shipment, this effort is duplicated after field installation.

Tool & Gauge Calibration: All tools and gauges are calibrated every twelve months, with a 4X more sensitive instrument than the instrument being tested.  The testing device returns for calibration to manufacturer traceable to NIST.

Outside Test Facilities: ABC Testing, MA. - Air Products and Chemical, PA. - Advanced Vacuum Systems, FL.